Kappa St. Kay


Urban abstraction photography

Happy Anniversary, Henry!

Paris, 2010

Echoing Turner

Paris, 2010

Colored Perspective I

Paris, 2009

Colored Perspective II

Paris, 2009


Paris, 2009

Cloudy Illumination

Paris, 2009

No Way Out of Paradies?

Paris, 2010

Ti stavo aspettando

Paris, 2010

Gotham Feeling 

Paris, 2009


Rush I

Brussels, 2008

Rush II

Brussels, 2008


Brussels, 2008

Light Organs

Brussels, 2008

Brussels Eye

Brussels, 2008


Brussels, 2008

Bonjour, Höhr-Grenzhausen!

Höhr-Grenzhausen, 2009

After the Flood

Near Reykjavik, 2005

Wheel of Fortune

Strasbourg, 2009


Strasbourg, 2010

Bright Times

Bologna, 2010

Molinari Station

Modena, 2008


Bologna, 2008

Floating Amphorae

Baden-Baden, 2010

Circular Reference

Karlsruhe, 2010

Second Advent

Karlsruhe, 2010

Watch Out!

Karlsruhe, 2009

Inside and Out

Berlin, 2009


Amsterdam, 2008

Fuzzy Helix

Amsterdam, 2008


Amsterdam, 2008

Eternal Repetition

Amsterdam, 2008


Prague, 2010

Fallen Star

Verona, 2012


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